Hemisphere Management Group

Hemisphere Management Group assists Film and Television, Promoters, Producers, Tour and Event Managers measure and manage privacy and confidential health and occupational health data risks while enhancing protection of health data (including to HIPAA & GDPR standards).

Hemisphere is a venture bringing together doctors, allied health professional’s, close protection security experts, risk managers, safety compliance gurus and IT privacy professionals. This creates a seamless service for our varied client’s needs.

About the Courses

Introduction to COVID-19

A foundational course that provides your staff with a basic understanding of infection control, recognition that public safety is everyone’s responsibility and dealing with everyday compliance, confrontation and incidents around mask wearing and contact tracing.


Biosecurity COVID-19 Marshal Course

An intermediate course for the film and Television industry aimed at training staff to become a COVID Marshal at your workplace.

This course gives your staff a comprehensive understanding on infection control, how contagions spread and keeping your workplace safe.

It will teach them how to assess the public safety issues around working during a pandemic as well as the duties, responsibility and dealing with everyday compliance, confrontation and workplace incidents.

Biosecurity Leading Through COVID-19 Course

An advanced course for management and risk management professionals in charge of workplace policy and procedures who are deemed to be an Officer for a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU). This course will give you the skills to develop your workplace COVID Safe Plan and give you an in-depth scope of infection control within your workplace.


Hemisphere Biosecurity COVID-19 Marshal Course

"Finally courses that are tailored to an industry and not generic, full of valuable information not found in any other courses I have done "

- Giovanni Gasparetti - Security Specialist

Course Creators and Contributors

Dr Bill Anseline

Dr Bill Anseline

BSc ;BMed Sci ; BMed 

COVID Medical Consultant

Medical Director Hemisphere Biosecurity 

Senior Lecturer Griffith University 

School of Clinical Medicine 

Gold Coast 

COVID Medical Consultant - all courses

Dr TG Henning Liljeqvist

Dr T G Henning Liljeqvist  

BHlth Sc (Pre-hosp Care), Adv Dip PSc (Intensive Care), Adv Dip Ec (Int Comm), MPH (Community Health), DrPH, RP (CCP), MACPara.

Public Health Consultant, Epidemiologist

Consultant - Introduction to COVID course

Tony Weaire

Tony Weaire

GradDipOHS, Certified OHS Professional (COHSProf) Australian Institute of Health & Safety, Member Institute of Strategic Risk Management

Workplace Health, Safety & Risk Professional

Consultant - COVID Marshal course


All COVID-19 courses will be updated as required and updates provided to all course participants.